Traditional smokes being replaced by E-cigs

e-cigarettesThere are many reasons why today’s tech savvy smokers are choosing electronic cigarettes or v2 cigs over traditional tobacco cigarettes. “I have to say that technology has given us many great things, but for me the best in tech has to be the innovation of electronic cigarettes,” explained one longtime smoker commenting online.

In turn, the smoker said he now prefers E-cigs than his usually soft pack of tobacco smokes because “I’m saving money, saving my lungs and saving myself from a world of hurt because I’m no longer harming my health by breathing in all those toxins form traditional smokes.”

Thus, it’s no wonder that more and more former tobacco cigarette smokers in the U.S. are now purchasing electronic versions of the cigarette online. “I don’t need the hassle of running down to my corner store to buy cigarettes with this new E-cig device that I just ordered online,” stated one happy customer.

Electronic cigs look like the real thing

Fans of E-cigs say their switch to this new alternative form of smoking a cigarette is not only fun — because electronic cigs look like real cigarettes — but also “a money saver.”

“I used to lay out £80 per week for cigarettes, and now with this electronic smoker, I will be only spending a fraction of that amount,” added the smoker. “They may look like a real cigarette, and smoke like a real one, but for me they are real money savers.”

In turn, the smoker said his electronic cigarette “gives me the real sense of smoking because of its thick vapor. It’s much more than just a traditional cigarette smoking alternative. It’s now the very best way to smoke for me.”

Smoking doesn’t have to be harmful

The Internet offers a wide selection of companies selling e cig kits that include all the needed accessories to really enjoy one’s smoking pleasure.

For example, one smoker who switched to e cigarettes — after reading about the product online — commented online about health reviews for e cigs being “very good when it comes to reducing harmful toxins that are part and parcel of smoking tobacco in a cigarette form. I ordered an electronic system with all the accessories so I could make the switch from my usual brand of smokes to one of these new e cigarettes. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this new way of smoking.”

In turn, the customer said he was also happy to realize that this new electronic mode of smoking now must trump his usual cigarettes due to health reasons.

“I’m now thinking that that my habit doesn’t have to be harmful. While I know it’s best to not smoke anything at all, I’m just pleased that I can now enjoy this new electronic cigarette without the same worries I once had about the harmful effects of tobacco on my lungs, my heart and my brain health.”

At the same time, it’s known that smoking tobacco is a clear and present danger to one’s health.

For example, the American Cancer Society points to tobacco and cigarettes made from tobacco, as one of the leading causes of cancer and other disease in America today.

Thus, the American Cancer Society advises all Americans to not smoke tobacco products.

Overall, the health reviews for choosing electronic smokes over traditional tobacco cigarettes seems to be generally very positive with health officials stating that “if you must smoke, go smokeless with an electronic vapor device.”

Also, one smoker views e cigs as “one possible solution for those who still want to smoke but can’t due to health concerns. I’d say if you want to smoke in this day and age, to go with an electronic smoke because it satisfys but doesn’t harm you like the real ones.”